About Rhiannon Fish

Rhiannon Fish (born March 14, 1991) is an Australian actress who first appeared on tv at age 11 when she starred on Neighbours. She later starred as Rocky in the Disney Channel show As the Bell Rings. Rhiannon currently plays April Scott on Home and Away

Rhiannon was born in Calgary, Canada on March 14, 1991. She and her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, when she was four when her engineer father got a job transfer. They originally only planned to stay for 18 months, the family extended their visa and made Melbournetheir new home.

Outside of school she studied theatre, drama and dance, but at the age of 11, Rhiannon knew that acting above all else was her ultimate passion.

In 2009 she graduated from The Children’s Performing Company of Australia (CPCA)[3], in which she joined at the age of 9 and performed in musicals such as The Lion King.

Rhiannon first appeared on our screens at the age of 11 when she starred in Neighbours[4]. She later received the role of Rocky in the Australian Disney Channel show As the Bell Rings. She starred in the feature film Playing for Charlie. Rhiannon received the role of April Scott, the sister of Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), in Home and Away this year. Her character on Home and Away is different from the others, she is very unique and doesn’t care that she is different. She has strong opinions on the environment and is not afraid to express those and be herself.


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