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FAKE FAKE FAKE its all fake

twitter.com/rhiannonfish is a FAKE !!!!!

THE REAL rhiannon has joined twitter 🙂 smile


http://www.twitter.com/rhiannonmfish  M AS IN MARIE 

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Rhiannon Fish & David Jones Roberts interview in Adelaide

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It’s a First

So i am the First Person to let this Picture out on the Internet . Please don’t use it to your advantage like making a fake profile on twitter/facebook/myspace !!! I wrote up on it so i will know if it’s mineIt’s Lincoln Lewis and Rhiannon Fish the New Home and Away Couple  🙂 they look so sweet together .

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100 followers and 2000 views

We official Hit our 100 Followers on twitter and Again our 2000+ views really excited. Thanks everyone for Keeping updated with Rhiannon fish First ever Official Fansite . Thank you to all those that viewed and for following me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/rhiannonfishfan

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much

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Home and Away Couple Alert

It’s Official Lincoln Lewis and Rhiannon Fish is a Official Couple. According To Popsugar.com.au : d. Rhiannon reveals, “He’s pretty amazing, and I’m very lucky that he’s a part of my life right now.”” The Canadian-born actress did have a crush on her co-star and even had a collection of his posters on her wall. Lincoln’s relationship with dancer Kat Risteska ended earlier this year and he’s recently been out on the promo trail for his new movie, Tomorrow When the War Began.

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Rumors rumors

Is it true Lincoln Lewis and Rhiannon Fish together???? RUMORS IS IT TRUE

Are they ?? Please comment

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